Terms and Conditions 



  1. LastMile store organization. Buyer and Seller 

    1. The activities of LastMile are organized, operated and related services provided to buyer by UAB "Greituolis", LEGAL entity code 305054987, VAT identification number LT100012351618, address of the Kalno Str. 26, Aukštieji Rusokai, LT-14180 Vilniaus r., food business operator Identification Number 410002223 (these rules are referred to as LastMile, the seller).  

    2. LastMile products sold, except where expressly stated in these rules, is sold to buyer by seller. 

    3. LastMile does not sell alcoholic beverages, but buyer has the possibility to order alcoholic beverages from other operators trading on their own, taking advantage of LastMile functionalities. In this case, the seller can provide a delivery service for alcoholic beverages to the merchant of alcohol – to deliver the ordered alcoholic beverages from the shops selling them, acting as a courier responsible for delivery. In the case of the acquisition of alcoholic beverages, the seller shall be considered to be a specific licensed retail entity which has chosen to have a physical retail outlet from where the alcoholic beverages are selected by The buyer. 

    4. Any person purchasing a LastMile store or using other LastMile store services (such a person is referred to as a buyer in these rules) is treated as a customer. The LastMile store and its purchase are entitled to adult persons whose capacity is not limited. 

    5. LastMile has the right, but is not obliged, to allow the registration and the storage of the customer as well as legal persons acting through authorized representatives. However, the Lastmile Store is primarily a retail online store for consumers, i.e. natural persons acquiring products for their own personal, family, household needs. LastMile shop is not specifically intended for individuals intending to trade or purchase products for business or professional purposes. 

    6. Seller reserves the right not to accept orders, not to execute orders or cancel them, delete registrations, if the customer orders abnormally large quantities of products (regardless of whether the products are ordered in one order or several orders placed in a relatively short period of time) and the seller has reason to believe that buyer's activity has characteristics of a wholesale purchase. 

    7. Energy drinks are in all cases reserved for buyers under the age of 18. Alcoholic beverages are always entitled to order and take back only at age of 20. 

    8. If buyer complies with the registration on the LastMile store, it shall in all cases provide an unconditional confirmation of compliance with the following rules and regulations for the buyer wishing to lawfully use the LastMile store. 

    9. Buyer and seller communicate (including the provision of any requests, notices, claims) with the use of mobile application functionality or electronic mail – correspondence sent to buyer on its registration form Email address to the seller via email info@lastmile.lt. 

  2. Status and applicability of the rules 

    1. The LastMile rules for this purchase online platform (referred to herein as the " rules") determine the use of the mobile application and online store www.lastmile.lt (both together and/or each of the rules LastMile conditions.  

    2. These rules are applicable to buyer's choice, ordering, purchasing, withdrawing, returning products and LastMile online platform, as well as using any LastMile services. 

    3. These rules together are a distance purchase and sale agreement between the buyer and the seller. The rules are concluded, must be construed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania and the relationship to which they apply. 

    4. In the case of the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages, the separate provisions of these rules are expressly applicable to the relationship between the seller of buyer and alcoholic drinks, a third party. 

    5. Buyer is not entitled to submit orders on Lastmile store if it is not acquainted with the rules and/or with them or individual provisions of their terms disagrees. If buyer orders products via the LastMile store, the buyer shall in all cases be deemed to have accepted and unconditional consent to all the provisions of the rules and assume any risk due to the possible familiarization with the rules. 

    6. The seller has the right to change the rules at his own chosen time or manner. The relationship between buyer and seller applies to the version of the rules that existed at the time the order was submitted. 

    7. The seller has the right to restrict without notice to buyer's use of LastMile store services and/or to cancel registration of buyer if buyer violates the rules by registering or withdrawing products with the reality Infringing information, performing illegal activities, attempting to undermine LastMile operation, reputation, LastMile store or data security, as well as other cases where the seller deems it necessary the correct operation of the LastMile. 

    8. The seller may at any time limit, stop or terminate the LastMile store activity. 

    9. These rules are governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. 

    10. For relations arising under these rules, the law of the Republic of Lithuania applies. 

  3. Award 

    1. The purchase and sale agreement defined in these rules shall be deemed to be concluded when the buyer complies with the registration, forms and submits the LastMile store order, and the regulations set out in the order and terms make the payment and in the mobile application or via the customer's stated email (if the products are purchased from the online store), the seller's confirmation that the customer's order is accepted. 

    2. Where the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania authorizes the acquisition of a specific product only for certain additional eligible persons (who have attained a certain age limit, which is for the purpose of being clear, etc.), contract for the purchase of such product and the sale between a buyer and seller or between a buyer and a third party shall be deemed to have been made when LastMile courier supplies the products during delivery checks and establishes that the buyer and/or other products at the buyer's address are entitled to purchase the ordered products. 

    3. When using LastMile functionality from third parties, non-alcoholic beverages (purchased, ordered, withdrawn) are entitled to only a minimum of 20 years of age, without the use of alcohol), the agreement between the third party selling the buyer and the alcoholic beverages shall be deemed, for the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages, to be made by a third party selling alcoholic drinks which is entitled to retail trade in alcoholic Drinks, the licensed trading venue at the moment of delivery of the LastMile courier  at the time of deliveries verifies and establishes that the buyer and/or other person, who takes up the product at the purchaser's address, has the right to purchase or withdraw such ordered Products (in particular, check the Products at the purchaser's address, the identity of the person taking the customer's record, the date and time of delivery of the alcohol, etc.).  

    4. If the courier finds that the buyer are not entitled to purchase the alcoholic beverages ordered or the other specially regulated products, these products are not transferred to the purchaser (or any person seeking to withdraw from the buyer's address), and their price is not refunded to the buyer at the cost of their delivery, such price being a fine to compensate for the minimum the contractual breaches set out in the rules. If in such a case LastMile only provides a courier (delivery) service, LastMile also has the right to not return the delivery fee and/or claim payment for the return of the products (the return price is in any case not less than the delivery price). 

  4. Registration and Login Details 

    1. To buy the LastMile shop for the products, the person must register on the LastMile store system by filling in the registration form: indicate your name, Surname, e-mail, address to which the products will be delivered, the telephone number, and other data necessary for the delivery of the products. The authorized representative of the legal person must also indicate the name of the legal person. 

    2. Buyer shall be responsible for the completeness and compliance of the registration data with the reality. 

    3. If the registration data changes, the buyer must update them. Otherwise, buyer assumes all risk of data inconsistency and resulting loss of buyer, seller and/or third party. 

    4. In carrying out the registration, Buyer shall create a username and password under its own responsibility and must not disclose it to any third parties. The buyer must immediately inform the seller of any loss or disclosure of the login data to unauthorized third parties. Buyer shall bear all risks arising from the use by third parties of buyer's login data and any damages arising from buyer, seller and/or third party. In no event shall the seller be liable for damage caused to buyer, seller, third party accessing the LastMile store via buyer's login data. 

    5. It is recommended that you make a password of at least 8 characters (case sensitive, numerals, dots, other punctuation marks, and change your password every 6 (six) months. 

  5. Product prices 

    1. In LastMile store the price of the products that can be ordered (thus the prices of products in the buyer's order) are expressed in euros with VAT. 

    2. Products sold to the buyer at the price indicated on the LastMile store at the time of booking. Products (except for alcoholic beverages or other products whose retails are specifically regulated by law) may differ from those applied in the physical trading venues operated by the third Party concerned; in any case, buying LastMile store is guided only Lastmile store products prices. 

    3. If the Lastmile courier is unable to deliver the product or the exact weight of the ordered product, and buyer, as stipulated in points 8.3 to 8.5 of the rules, is presented with another, more expensive product or higher product quantity (weight), the buyer does not have to pay extra for a more expensive product or a larger product quantity. 

    4. If the Lastmile courier is unable to deliver the product or the exact weight of the ordered product, and buyer, as provided in paragraphs 8.3 to 8.5 of the rules, is presented with another, cheaper product or lower product quantity (weight), the difference between the product price paid by the buyer and the actual price of the product is returned to the buyer within 5 business days, transferring this amount to the bank account from which the payment was made for the order. 

    5. LastMile has the right to set a minimum amount for which buyer is required to order products on the LastMile store if they wish to place an order (and, accordingly, to conclude a purchase and sale agreement and receive a delivery service). This Minimum order Amount delivery service fee is not included. 

  6. Delivery price 

    1. LastMile store delivery prices (thus the price of the delivery made by the buyer) are shown in Euros with VAT. 

    2. The product delivery service is paid, calculated and applied at the time of delivery of the customer's order. This fee may be fixed or exchanged depending on the value of the products ordered by the buyer and/or the time of delivery. The buyer shall, in any event, follow the delivery price indicated at the time of his order submission. 

    3. If the LastMile system after buyer’s order confirmation allows to add additional products to shopping cart, the delivery service fee does not change. 

  7. Billing Order 

    1. The buyer pays for the products during the booking process. 

    2. For products purchased, Buyer has the possibility to pay with his payment card: MasterCard, VISA or VISA Electron debit or credit card, if such card is issued in the country of the European Economic Area; Payment cards issued in other countries may not be served On The LastMile store. 

    3. When you pay for purchases made by a buyer's credit or debit card for the first time, buyer will have to bring down the system with the required card details. Subsequent payment for purchases by credit or debit card sometimes if the buyer has already settled in LastMile store, LastMile store system will offer to accept the same Credit or debit card that the buyer has already made a payment at least once, and will not require that the card's data be re-entered. In this case, if buyer agrees to complete the purchase by paying the same buyer credit or debit card that the buyer has previously paid for purchases in the LastMile Store, the buyer will be required to re-enter Connection to the LastMile store system password. 

    4. The buyer at any time logged into the LastMile store system may delete the data/list of payment cards that were previously carried out for settlement in LastMile store. 

    5. Neither the indication of credit or debit card data in the Lastmile system, nor the payment by credit or debit card, will leave the customer LastMile in the store system without leaving the card data, since Customer is routed to the certified service provider's secure server. This server 's LastMile store system only returns partial information about the payment card number. 

    6. On LastMile system from the selected payment system operator, upon receipt of a confirmation of the customer's correct billing for purchases and delivery, the order and the delivery date starts to run. 

    7. If buyer wishes to receive VAT invoice, the seller shall extract it and submit it to buyer on the customer's registration form by e-mail within 3 business days after delivery of the products. Buyer does not provide VAT invoice or transmission services when buyer products (e.g. alcoholic beverages) are purchased from third parties. 

  8. Product Collection 

    1. When a customer submits an order using the LastMile store functionality, third-party physical outlets take place and the products ordered by the buyer are collected by the LastMile courier. 

    2. LastMile courier is employed by persons who have passed the courses regulated by the State Food and Veterinary Office and received their certificate of completion, as well as after receiving The LastMile briefing on the collection and transportation of goods. 

    3. LastMile makes sure that the courier is equipped with suitable equipment for transporting food products, so the number of one courier is issued with a temperature-protected bag that is designed for the direct exposure of the food commodity transport. 

    4. Information about product characteristics, product descriptions, information about the non/presence of the product concerned in the shop is provided by the third person controlling the physical outlets from which the products ordered by the buyer are ordered and collected. LastMile makes every effort to ensure that this information is accurate, correct, and timely, but cannot guarantee its full accuracy at any time, and assumes no responsibility for the actions of a third party. 

    5. The LastMile and LastMile couriers will always make every effort to ensure the highest quality of service and fulfill the customer's order as accurately as possible. However, LastMile cannot ensure that all orders can be properly and fully executed at any time – because of the absence of products on trading venues, their weight mismatch, other third-party or external circumstances the LastMile courier may not have the ability to accurately execute (part) order. For the buyer this is known, and it is not considered a violation of Lastmile's obligations. 

    6. In cases where the physical retail outlet held by the third party concerned, in which Lastmile courier assembles the products ordered by the purchaser, does not contain the product ordered by the buyer or the quantity thereof is lower than that of the purchaser the ordered, Lastmile has the right not to deliver this product, to deliver a smaller quantity of the product, or to offer the purchaser a similar product (for example, a product of another manufacturer that has the same or similar properties or another product, who could change the order on the same or similar properties. If the purchaser has such a presentation of the like product is not acceptable, the buyer Lastmile store system has the opportunity to mark it with this disregarding. The purchaser shall not charge the price of the like product in addition, if the value of such a similar product is higher than that of the ordered product. If the price of the like product is less than the ordered product, the price differential shall be returned to the purchaser in accordance with paragraph 5.4. 

    7. In cases where the physical retail outlet controlled by the relevant third party, the Lastmile courier must deliver the product weighed by the purchaser, the price of the product to be weighed on the buyer's order shall be provisionally calculated, according to the customer's ordered weight. Due to the specifics of the product and/or other circumstances in which the Lastmile driver is not able to influence, the actual weight of the product delivered may differ from the weight of the product ordered and provisionally paid by the purchaser. The buyer will not charge the price of the product in addition if the actual weight of the delivered product is higher than the ordered price. If the weight of the product delivered is less than the weight of the product ordered, the price differential resulting from the weight difference shall be returned to the purchaser in accordance with the rules in item 5.4. 

  9. Product delivery. Transmission and reception 

    1. When the customer submits an order using LastMile store functionality, the products are delivered by the LastMile courier to the address provided by the buyer. 

    2. The time limit for delivery of products starts from the billing and delivery of products due to the buyer. 

    3. You can check the LastMile courier information for locations that can be delivered by LastMile couriers. LastMile can set and change at its discretion. 

    4. The buyer (or other delivery products) must check the products delivered by the LastMile courier before accepting them, and shall not approve the delivery, transmission and acceptance of the correct shipment, if any infringement of quantity, quality, assortment or other discrepancies, products or packaging. After confirming the proper transfer and acceptance of the products, the buyer is subsequently not entitled to claim the above discrepancies/irregularities. 

    5. Delivery of a like product or other product, as discussed in paragraphs 8.3 to 8.5 of the rules, is not considered as an equivalence in quantity, quality, range n, and after transmission and acceptance at the time of delivery, LastMile has correctly executed the order. 

    6. If buyer, when verifying the delivery, determines the quantity, quality, assortment or other discrepancies, product or packaging breaches, Buyer shall inform the products that supplied the LastMile courier, which does not in the system administered. 

    7. Products of unsatisfactory quality, products not ordered or delivered in quantities greater than the booked quantity are returned to the LastMile courier. 

    8. If the products ordered by the buyer are not delivered, or if the quality of the products you order is not satisfactory, the price of such paid products is refunded to the buyer within 5 working days, transferring this amount to the bank account from which the payment was made in the Order. 

    9. LastMile courier ordered products are brought to the purchaser by delivery of the order at the time of the selected presentation (within the time space chosen). 

    10. If the buyer orders alcoholic beverages, all products included in such order (not only alcoholic drinks) are delivered no earlier than 10 hours and no later than 20 hours, and on Sundays, not earlier than 10 hours and at least 15 hours in the case of alcoholic beverages. Drinks are not sold, and orders involving alcoholic beverages are not available. 

    11. LastMile and LastMile courier will always make every effort to ensure delivery of the order at the time chosen by the buyer or, in the absence of an immediate presentation by buyer, within the shortest possible objectively feasible time. However, LastMile cannot ensure that all products are always delivered on time without any obstruction. Therefore, the LastMile does not accept any responsibility for delivery delays if the delay is not due to LastMile - dependent circumstances. In case of delayed delivery, LastMile will contact the buyer to reconcile the mutually acceptable solution of the situation. 

    12. The buyer undertakes to accept the Lastmile courier himself at the address indicated by buyer on the delivery address in the shop system and at the time the buyer chose to accept the order. Lastmile is not responsible for the proper performance of your contractual obligations if buyer indicates an inappropriate address or the buyer is not found at the address indicated at the time of delivery. 

    13. The LastMile courier shall have the right, without having found the buyer, at the time of delivery chosen by the buyer, to transmit the delivered products to another adult at the delivery address specified by the purchaser, which will be considered to be the appropriate Lastmile fulfilment of the contractual obligations, and the confirmation of such other person about the transfer and acceptance of the products will be deemed to be an appropriate confirmation of the buyer for the transfer and reception. Additional conditions may apply to the delivery of alcoholic beverages, energy drinks and certain other products. 

    14. If the Lastmile courier does not find the buyer at the address indicated by buyer at the time of delivery, there is no other person qualifying for these rules and/or legal acts for which the LastMile courier could pass products delivered, LastMile shall be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations and shall not re-ship the products at any time other than the address, nor shall the purchaser be returned to the products nor to the delivery price. 

    15. In the cases referred to in point 9.14, the LastMile can store products before the delivery date 10 PM, inform the buyer about the address of their place of storage and allow the purchaser to make timely and appropriate efforts and the costs of withdrawing such products. In this case LastMile does not undertake to ensure any special storage conditions for products, including special environmental storage that complies with hygiene rules or other special requirements, and assumes no responsibility for The quality of products not accepted for the correct and timely order address (including but not limited to the characteristics of their use, their appearance, preservation, survival for use, safety, etc.). 

  10. Rules for ordering and delivering energy drinks and alcoholic beverages 

    1. Energy drinks, as defined by the Lithuanian Food law, can only be ordered by the buyer if it is at least 18 (eighteen) years and it is confirmed by the Lastmile shop system in the manner prescribed by the seller. Energy drinks shall only be transferred to the buyer (or to another adult receiving the address at its addresses) only if the buyer (or any other person accepting the products at his address) is not less than 18 (eighteen) years of age and, at the moment of withdrawal, provide a valid identification document to the seller's representative (national passport of the Republic of Lithuania (or foreign State), personal data of the citizen of the Republic of Lithuania (or foreign State) Identification card or a new model (issued after 1 November 2005) The Lithuanian Republic's license). If a buyer (or another adult who is located at his address  ) fails to provide a personal document, the invalid identification document, or if the buyer (or its address other products person receiving) is less than 18 (eighteen) years of age, the seller's representative shall not transfer the energy drinks to the buyer (or the person who is in his address to another adult) and shall be deemed to have products ( Energy drinks) is not possible due to the buyer's fault or due to the circumstances of the buyer, and therefore the contract for the purchase and sale of energy drinks is deemed not to have been concluded. 

    2. Alcoholic beverages, as they are defined in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Alcohol Control, the buyer (natural person) may order only if he is at least 20 (twenty) years old, he is a clear and this is confirmed by LastMile stores system in a manner specified by the seller. 

    3. Legal persons may order and purchase alcoholic beverages only for representative purposes and for other purposes permitted by law. The buyer's legal person ordering alcoholic beverages in the LastMile shop confirms that alcoholic beverages are acquired for representative purposes or for other statutory purposes and are not the Republic of Lithuania's alcohol Article 17 (6) and (7) of the Law on control of the buyer to purchase spirits. 

    4. The delivery of an alcoholic beverage, LastMile is only available at the time specified in point 9.10 of the rules. 

    5. Prior to transmitting the alcoholic beverages to buyer, the LastMile courier shall assess in particular the customer's (or its address for the next person who has reached the 20y) tempering (i.e. there are no signs suggesting that the person accepting the alcoholic beverages is drunk and/or intoxicated). In case of suspicion of the buyer, alcoholic beverages are not transferable. In such a case, it is considered that the delivery of alcoholic beverages is not possible because of the fault of the buyer or due to the buyer's circumstances, and the contract for the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages is considered not to have been concluded. 

    6. Alcoholic beverages are transferred to the buyer only if there is no suspicion of a buyer that he shall be at least 20 (twenty) years old  or, at the moment of withdrawal, provide the seller's representative with a valid A document (the passport of the citizen of the Republic of Lithuania (or foreign State), the identity card of the National of the Republic of Lithuania (or foreign State) or a new model (issued after 1 November 2005) The Lithuanian Republic's license). The purchaser (or its address to another person who has reached the age of 20) has not provided the person's document, the invalidity document being declared invalid or if the buyer (or any other products at his address are  Accepting person) is younger than 20 (twenty) years old, the LastMile courier does not transfer alcoholic beverages to the purchaser (or to another person who has reached the age of 20) at his address  and is deemed to be products (alcoholic beverages) is not possible due to the customer's fault or due to the circumstances of the buyer, the contract on the purchase of alcoholic beverages and sale is deemed not to have been made. 

  11. Product information, quality, shelf-life 

    1. The seller is responsible for the sale of LastMile online shop products to buyer, their proper delivery, proper execution of return conditions and the fulfilment of other rights and obligations of the seller under the legislation. 

    2. The product features offered In LastMile store are presented in the store's product descriptions published by LastMile, but prepared and provided by third parties managing physical retail The places where the products are sold. Responsibility for its descriptions and the quality of products marketed and the information contained therein, including information on the characteristics of the products (correctness, accuracy, completeness, proper presentation, compliance with Legislation), the maximum extent of the legislation is the responsibility of the physical retail outlets from which the LastMile courier collects and LastMile buys products that manage legal including manufacturers and/or importers of such products. The seller provides a platform to publish the above information, is responsible for the proper collection and purchase of the products, accounting for orders, fulfillment of orders/deliveries.

    3. Retailers of alcoholic beverages are in all cases also in the case of ordering alcoholic beverages, all obligations and rights of the seller and the seller's warranties provide only physical retail outlets with licenses to trade in alcoholic The management of the legal persons. LastMile in this case, only the proper provision of the delivery service is liable. 

    4. Salesperson LastMile is not responding if LastMile store on the web displays products in its color, shape or other parameters different from real delivered products due to inconsistencies in the information transfer process – for example, the characteristics of the monitor (display) or other technical reasons used by the buyer, and in view of the reasonably foreseeable inconsistencies in appearance. 

    5. If the seller (or the physical retail outlets in which the customer's ordered products are sold) does not specify the due date of the product's specific quality guarantee, such product shall be covered by a guarantee Applicable legal acts. 

    6. If the applicable legislation imposes a shelf-life for certain products, the seller sells such products to buyer so that buyer has a real chance of accessing such products until the expiry date of the suitability for use. 

  12. Buyer's right to return products 

    1. Buyer has the right to return products  (opt-out of the purchase and Sale Agreement in LastMile Store) if no more than 14 calendar days have elapsed since the delivery date of the product to be returned and if not applicable Rules 12.2 to 12.5 of the regulations, or the legislation foresees restrictions on the return of goods/withdrawal. 

    2. The return of quality products (opt-out of the purchase and Sale Agreement in LastMile Store) is not eligible for buyers who cannot be considered consumers under the applicable consumer rights legislation i.e. legal persons and natural persons who purchase products for business, commercial, professional needs (contracting products for non-personal/family use, not for uses in their household). 

    3. The buyer does not have the right to return quality products if such products fall within the statutory exemption (if, in accordance with the applicable legislation, the seller is not obliged to accept such return products, or if the purchase of such products Distance contracts may not be terminated by customers without cause in accordance with the rules laid down in the regulations). For example, LastMile is not obliged to accept returns of quality: 

      1. Perishable products as well as products with a short shelf-life; 

      2. Products which have been put up for sale but have been unpacked after delivery and are unsuitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons (for example, most cosmetics, etc.); 

      3. Video or audio recordings than the software if it was sold packaged but after the delivery has been unpacked; 

      4. Periodicals: Newspapers, periodicals, magazines. 

    4. The buyer does not have the right to return quality products if they have been used after delivery, are damaged, have lost their marketable appearance (including, if not removed and/or damaged labels, security films, etc.) after loss of consumable properties. In order to return the product, the buyer must ensure that it is returned in its original packaging, the same package as it was delivered, with all the documents and accessories presented. 

    5. The buyer has no right to return quality products if there is a missed repayment terms in the rules and/or legal acts. 

    6. If buyer wants to return products due to poor quality: 

      1. Faulty perishable goods (food and beverages with a short expiry date for which the manufacturer has established a special temperature regime) – buyer is obliged to provide the seller with a notice of repayment in accordance with the procedures laid down in the rules. Not later than 72 hours from the moment of delivery of the product in the wrong quality; 

      2. Faulty non-perishable goods ' means the repayment of the statutory terms and procedures (if the manufacturer or third party in whose physical retail location the LastMile courier has collected the products does not impose on the consumer is more favourable than the law's default mode). 

    7. In order to return the delivered product, buyer submits a refund request via email to info@lastmile.lt, indicating the product, the order number, the delivery date. The seller has the right to ask the buyer to provide other information necessary to ensure the proper implementation of the buyer's rights, including, to request the completion of special forms of application. Upon receipt of the request for return of the product, seller will provide the buyer with a notification of receipt. 

    8. On the basis of a substantiated request for return of the product, buyer must return the product not in a perishable state no later than 15 calendar days, perishable product within 72 hours if the seller does not indicate a longer period. For the specific time and location of the product transmission, Buyer shall coordinate with the LastMile representative who, upon submission of the return request, communicates with the customer by its specified contacts. 

    9. The cost of returning quality products, which in any case is not less than their delivery price, is borne by buyer. The cost of returning defective products shall be borne by the seller. 

    10. The price paid for the products duly accepted by the buyer but subsequently returned , as well as the cost of delivery of the product, if they are refundable in accordance with the rules in point 12.9, shall be refunded to the buyer within 14 business days, with the transfer of that sum to the the bank account from which payment was made when the order was placed. 

  13. Personal data 

    1. The buyer's personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy. If buyer uses LastMile store services, it is presumed to accept the processing of the personal data of the buyer and confirms that all information and personal data provided are correct and in line with the reality. 

    2. The buyer's personal data will be used to identify customers, determine if the customer and the person to whom the products are delivered meet the age requirements laid down by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania on the sale and delivery, for the issue of accounting documents, repayment of overpayments and/or cash in respect of products returned by the buyer for the administration of debts, other contracts arising out of the contract for sale and Customer's use of other LastMile store services. 

    3. The buyer's personal data will be processed for direct marketing purposes only with the consent of the buyer, which is provided by filing the registration form and marking the relevant fields. 

  14. Claims 

    1. Buyers are encouraged to make any claims regarding the enforcement of these rules, to settle in good faith during friendly negotiations, about their complaints by informing the seller by e-mail info@lastmile.lt

    2. If it fails to settle the agreement amicably within 14 days of receipt of the buyer's claim, the consumer has the right to appeal to a non-judicial legal entity examining consumer disputes, i.e. the state Consumer Protection Authority (Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, E. P. tarnyba@vvtat.lt, tel. 852626751, website www.vvtat.lt), to its territorial units or to fill in the application form remotely, at the address of the EGS platform http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

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